Senior Administrative Assistant

Virtual, Part-Time Position; Maryland-based

JOIN an organization of supportive, Christian counselors!

Hours: 25 hours per week; flexible upon setting 5-weekday schedule between 8:30AM and 6PM

Salary: $36,400 

Required Experience: 7 years administrative assistant experience

Submit resume and cover letter to:


Brief Description:

This is a central role to our organization. Reports directly to the Executive Director and Clinical Director. Our non-profit counseling agency seeks an experienced worker with the following skills and experiences:


Skills & Knowledge Requirements

At least 7 years administrative assistant experience. Must be honest, high integrity, hard-working, balanced.

MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint abilities

  • Able to make PDF fillable forms and documents
  • Experienced with mail merge and MSWord formatting
  • Adept at Excel, including simple formulas and charts
  • Good writing skills – able to compose professional memos
  • Experience editing PPT presentations

Technological Abilities

  • Quick learner, able to learn new software/apps
  • Familiarity with databases and database structures; able to maintain donor database software and generate reports
  • Familiarity with medical billing software preferred; ability to generate reports from billing software
  • Able to use or learn: Mailchimp, SurveyMonkey, Quickbooks, ADP, Gmail and Google Docs, Dropbox, WordPress, MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, medical billing software, donor database CRM, HIPAA-compliant email

Project Management

  • Ability to maintain and update multiple spreadsheets and reports on schedule
  • Precise with data and information, detail oriented
  • Highly organized, inclined to filing and keeping accurate records
  • Experienced with digital filing and Dropbox

Communication skills

  • Forthcoming, communicates readily with senior staff
  • Able to negotiate with vendors
  • Relational with regards to staff, donors and board members
  • Able to write business memos with few grammatical errors

Other Qualities

  • Self-disciplined, pro-active
  • Meets deadlines
  • Highly communicative
  • Experienced and discerning, able to accurately gauge work-related needs

Education & Experience

  • HS or Assoc Degree; BA preferred but not required

Job Description

General Administration

  • Prepping staff/board meetings (emails, agenda, lunch orders, etc.)
  • Onboarding – personnel set-up (email, phone, personnel files, payroll, medical billing, wireless)
  • Staff exit processing
  • Schedule meetings
  • Manage staff exit procedures
  • Memo-writing to staff
  • Ordering supplies, coordinating with church sites
  • Records requests: compiling, responding to requests
  • Sending surveys
  • Organize electronic filing (including archiving)
  • Light research as needed
  • Mail handling
  • Keeping track of and updating all lists and scheduled items
  • Meeting regularly with Clinical Director and Exec Director
  • Interacting/communicating with medical biller regularly
  • Communicating with contract workers
  • Managing bill payments
  • Generating reports from software and databases
  • General assistance to Executive Director

Vendors & Other Agencies

  • Communicating with vendors for best rates
  • Maintaining records relating to contracts and vendors
  • Updating information for federal and state regulators


  • Preparing communication materials to donors
  • Maintaining donor database with updated information
  • Running reports from donor database
  • Recording and updating detailed information in donor database

Benefits: 2 weeks vacation first year, 10 hours PTO

Must be driving distance from Columbia and Ashton, MD